Strategies of Genius: Creativity, with Katie Raver

You already dream up, plan, execute, and refine many of your ideas and projects. What if…

  • you could complete your projects even more quickly
  • you could improve your ability to come up with creative solutions on the spot
  • you could problem solve – without dampening your creative spirit with irrelevant criticism
  • you could stay focused and not get lost in the mire of too many options
  • you could plan and execute even faster, with more team cooperation
  • this class is offered via On Demand Class or as a customized corporate class for your team or group.

This class will teach you the Disney Strategy of Genius, innovated by Robert Dilts and written about in his book Strategies of Genius, Volume I. To foster the wildly creative and innovative results of an animated movie or the world’s first large scale amusement parks, Walt Disney used very specific thinking strategies with himself and with his team. You’ll learn these strategies, see a demonstration of how to use them, and have the chance to try them on for yourself in small break out groups.

You can use Disney’s strategy for yourself. You can also learn this strategy for use with your team, employees, or colleagues.


Clients and class participants who learn and use this process report back:

  • More productive, collaborative team meetings.
  • Team members understand the importance of each role and when to use which role.
  • Less inner warfare between the creatives and the problem finders
  • More appreciation of the appropriate thinking strategy to use in a given moment

This class is taught by Katie Raver, Master NLP Trainer and Director of Katie Raver Training.

What you receive:

  • Recordings of two different classes that Katie has recently taught, including an explanation of the Disney model, demonstrations of how to use the model, and class discussion/ chats.
  • 9-page class handout including many extras you can use on your own, with groups or for your own learning.
  • Bonus story