Welcome to my training website, where I have my complete class list and regularly blog about attention, awareness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NightWalking, and more.  The easiest way to contact me is via text, WhatsApp, or Signal.




Check out the complete class list: Class List

START HERE:  The NLP Starter 2-day class is coming up in August of 2020.  This is the best way to introduce yourself to this variety of Neuro Linguistic Programming, jump in, and discover for yourself how you can use these tools, mindset, and methodology.  All my classes are live, online, and in small groups with an emphasis on interaction, discussion, demonstration, and practical application.  If you’re considering joining a longer training, start here to experience a few days and decide if this style of learning is right for you.

Every month, I organize and produce a week of 1-hour programs for less than $10 each.  Go to the AttentionExperiments.com website to see the schedule and the registration links.

 NLP Practitioner Training Program :  This is a 14-day program taught over 6-7 months with requirements for outside practice and demonstrating competence and mastery.  The best place to begin exploring this program is by registering for the first 2 days of the training, which is called the NLP Starter 2-day class.

Training for corporate, teams, and other groups:  I regularly teach and facilitate groups.  Contact me directly to tell me about your group, what you’d like to have happen, and set up a time to talk on phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.