Working with Nick Kemp in “The Here And Now”

I’ve just spent the last week with visiting guest trainer Nick Kemp, organizing a Provocative Change Works Level 1 class, to bring his work to the Austin (and beyond) learning community.

Nick Kemp teaching PCW in Austin, Texas

It was a joy to have the opportunity to spend time in class with him and in exploring Austin with him and his wife Sue. Together, they make up one of the smartest, warmest, most present, most fun duos I’ve ever had the chance to call colleagues!

Organizing any class is a lot of work.  I love working with trainers who are bringing new, innovative material to the NLP world, who are curious about life and people and the world, who easily describe what they need and want, and who help class participants fully attend to what’s most useful to learn or experience the skill or technique at hand.  I’ve also been lucky enough to get to work with some of the most caring trainers in the world, who also care about the goals and outcomes I bring to the table.

PCW class participants

I hope to work with Nick again in the near future.  He definitely stirred the pot – in a good way! – among class participants.  PCW is, in part, about stimulating new solutions to (sometimes *very* old/ habitual) patterns, and Nick certainly did that in his 3-day course.

I think Nick Kemp’s ability to help a client identify the moment of anxiety and learn to do something different is extraordinary, and that ability will be percolating down into the greater learning community here for quite a while, I believe.  After a brief 25-minute demo session with Nick on Day 1, one demo subject came back on Day 2 reporting that she had already shifted the old anxiety to the new, relaxing pattern, which had given her the first good night’s sleep she’d had in a long time – and she’d even felt good enough that morning to take a walk!

PCW Class Participants

When I’m organizing any class, I also pay close attention to what the participants report during and after the class.  I want to be part of classes that create positive, generative changes for participants and give them skills or patterns they find useful enough to practice and share in their own time, well after class is over.  During this PCW Level 1 training, I loved watching, in particular, the dynamic way class participants used their voices and physical space to “provoke” news of difference in their practice trios.

Nick and I are talking about bringing Provocative Change Works back to the United States in September 2016, with Austin as a learning hub for PCW in the Americas.

How to Stay in Touch About Nick Kemp’s PCW in the Americas

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    Class organizer Katie Raver with class participant Glenda Raver