What is Restorative Mind for Busy People?

Things have changed, haven’t they?

And I admire how you’re changing with circumstances.

I’m changing, too.

I’m now offering a series called “Restorative Mind.”

We meet live and online, in a very small group, where we can all see each other and participate for one hour. 

The 4-session format allows us to have some group continuity while also allowing participants the flexibility to jump in and out easily, without a massive commitment. Participants sign up for one 4-session series and then can take a break, continue, or move onto other things entirely.

I lead the group through various restorative practices for your mind, spirit, and emotions, using NLP and attention experiments. 

Each session and each month is different and new.

Just show up for one hour, 2-3pm Central, 4 Fridays in October on Zoom, learn something new, meet a few new interesting people, and relax and enjoy.

I’m offering this on a sliding scale basis, so you can choose your tuition amount, between $40-$120.

We start this Friday, October 9, 2-3pm Central.

Click HERE to register or see how many spaces are still open. 

Here’s to you,
Katie Raver
NLP Austin & Attention Experiments