What is NLP?

NLP stands for “neuro linguistic programming.”

NLP is a collection of tools and techniques that allow you to change your behaviors and experience more emotional flexibility by shifting your mental attention to what’s most effective in a given moment.

It’s also a mindset or an approach to life, problem solving, relationships, happiness, productivity, and contentment.

Some people have called NLP “the app for your body, heart, and mind.”

Your thoughts influence everything from what you believe is possible to you blood pressure.  And your thoughts have structure that you may have never noticed before.

Learning NLP teaches you to notice your thoughts and the structure of your thoughts and make appropriate changes.  Appropriate changes take into consideration all the systems around you – your conflicting points of view, your job, your family, your emotional and physical needs – so that the improvements you design for yourself really work for you, arising from a complete view of what’s at hand.

The basics of NLP are taught in a 14-20 day training called the NLP Practitioner Certification Training.  I offer the first 2 days of this training as the NLP Starter class.  Some class participants will go on to “practice” NLP with clients, patients, parishioners, customers, teams, employees, friends, or family members.  Other participants take the training for their own personal and professional development and they use NLP with themselves, to stay emotionally and behaviorally nimble.

Whatever your interest in NLP, welcome to NLP Austin.