What is a Mini Date?

What is a Mini Date?

It turns out that going on a whole bunch of short dates quickly taught me about myself, how to read other people online and in person, and a whole bunch of useful relationship skills that, because I hadn’t dated in a while, turned out to be really useful.

A Mini Date is a very short meeting with someone I had already vetted by reviewing their profile, messaging, and phone conversation.  With practice, I learned that I like certain types of conversation and wanted to avoid others, so I developed questions likely to point the conversation in an interesting direction.  I also learned that it is critical when dating to have a sense of abundance about future dates.

Here’s are the things I learned about using online dating to meet lots of new people quickly:

  1. Invite Adventurously
  2. Keep It Short
  3. Choose Your Conversation Topics Wisely
  4. Meet In A Public Place to Talk (And Listen)
  5. The Sense of Abundance and Dating

To be able to go on a series of Mini Dates and experience the learnings I was aiming for, I had to be able to:

  • Use an online dating website to create a profile with photos and text, and interact with potential matches using the website’s messaging system
  • Feel comfortable meeting vetted-by-me but unknown strangers in a public place
  • Review each Mini Date and find the learning in it
  • Have the self confidence to make mistakes


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