What I Learned About Online Dating

This is the story of why and how I went on 46 “Mini Dates.”

You might enjoy reading this article series if:

  • You are interested in meeting people via online dating sites
  • You meet a lot of new people regularly and like to consider new ways of interacting with them
  • You like learning from other people’s experiences
  • You like the idea of communicating the same message on multiple levels. For example: in words and in actions.
  • You are into NLP Modeling of exemplars or self modelling

In this article, I’ll define a Mini Date and what I learned by the process of going on 46 Mini Dates. I’ll talk about what I learned from my two friends who told me about their versions of the Mini Date. There’s also a section on Conversation Topics, which many people who are new to dating or who regularly meet a lot of new people have told me is helpful.

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