Special Class for Twelve Rivers

Design Your Powerful Life: For Twelve Rivers & Friends

With Katie Raver

Taught in person at 3520 Executive Drive, Training Center, Austin Tx 78731

Special enrollment for Twelve Rivers agents, staff, and friends.



Wednesday, April 13, 2022





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Class Description

This 4-hour class helps you to:

  • prevent or reduce burnout
  • develop a unique, compelling 20-year vision for yourself (even if you’ve never done so before)
  • take time to explore what you really would like to have happen and what naturally inspires you
  • leave behind obligations
  • begin to overcome habits of motivating yourself with fear or dread of unwanted consequences
  • strengthen a sense of community among team members
  • learn about a different type of goal setting/ visioning that you can use outside class, for short term and long term goals
  • enjoy the daily tasks you need to do today, by connecting them to a meaningful future vision for yourself
  • quickly make progress toward your goals, in a very different way from forcing yourself to do things

Katie Raver will guide you through this well-tested process using stories, teaching, attention experiments processes, discussion, and journaling.




  • Limited to 44 participants
  • No prerequisite