Annual Thanksgiving Coaching Discounts


Through Wednesday, November 22, 2017, you can purchase coaching and consulting time with me at greatly discounted prices.

Topics/ projects clients work on:
–Refining a book, webite, or marketing plan
–Programming yourself for maximum resources in any given situation
–Rapport or reading others for more connection
–Weight loss/ increasing health projects
–Family conflict
–Creating a new habit or regular practice
–Rehearsing confidence for public speaking
–Performance coaching for dance, music, acting
–Setting goals that you can actually achieve and measuring progress
–Transforming emotional blocks that come up over and over


Methods & What To Expect
I help clients using NLP, clean language, symbolic modelling, provocative coaching, and practices of expansion from many different cultures. I’m not a therapist or counselor, and I have over 1,000 hours in advanced NLP training.

In a session, you can expect to laugh, feel curiosity when you perceive your problem/ issue/ goal from a profoundly new perspective, be guided to look within yourself for your own answers,and  be respected as a whole and hearty person right now.



6 HOURS FOR $575
Like getting 1.25 free hours.


12 HOURS FOR $990
For those who choose to make ongoing appointments to better all aspects of their lives or want to make a commitment to themselves to continue developing and growing.  Almost 4 hours for free. My lowest price available anywhere, anytime. Save more than $35/ hour.


A few details about this offer:
* Hours NEVER expire.
* You are welcome to share hours with another person or gift them.
* Purchases are final.
* You can choose sessions on the the phone, Skype, my Tuesday Westlake office, or my far south Austin office in Radiance.
* Purchase must be made online by Wednesday, November 22, 2017.  After that, my usual coaching prices will be in effect again.


What you will NOT get:
* Unless it’s absolutely necessary to your speedy forward advancement, you will NOT get a detailed map of your problem or how your life has *not* been working.
* Cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all coaching – each session is based on your way of doing things and what you want most of all.


What Clients Report:
* Surprising new approaches – this ain’t the usual therapy!
* I feel inspired to work on my goal now. Thank you!
* I can clearly see what steps I need to take.  The overwhelm is gone. I’m excited!
* Now I understand how my old patterns were trying to help me and what I can do to actually help myself in ways that are healthier for me.
* You helped me change my response to my internal critical voice. What a relief.

Happy holidays to you!

Katie Raver
NLP Austin