Step Away from the tyranny of notifications

Do lists help or hurt you?

We live in the “there’s an app for everything” world, where we can make infinite “to do” lists and manage our 7 calendars and set Reminders for everything.

But these amazing tools won’t make sure that I’m living a meaningful life.

These amazing tools also won’t help me find my way to a naturally-inspiring life.


Because task lists are useful for implementation, not inspiration.

Small chunk task lists and calendars help us to implement already-existing life plans. 

Although completing tasks can make us feel good for a few moments (way to go!), they don’t necessarily connect us to our biggest dreams, wishes and desires.

When you’re working your task list, do you experience your tasks as bringing you closer to your biggest dreams?  In the mundane, repeated behaviors of life, can you find the connection to your most important values and motivators?

Most of us can’t.  

This lack of inspiration is the source of procrastination and can turn into dread or resentment for our own life, over time.

If you’re wanting more inspiration and more motivation, you usually don’t need to *make* yourself do more.

  • You don’t need another app to remind you to do more.
  • You don’t need another internal critical voice, attempting to flog you into doing things you don’t want to do.
  • You don’t need more accountability or spreadsheets or plans.

Instead, consider going to the source of inspiration.

To feel more motivated, take time to revisit (or dream up for the first time!) the most inspiring, naturally-motivating future.  

Temporarily set aside all those “realistic” to do lists and dream up a future that is so inspiring to you personally, it compels you towards it.  

Here’s to wonderful you,