Have Great Conversations with People You’ve Just Met

When meeting new people, what if you could easily move beyond mundane “small talk” topics — like the weather — to in-depth topics of more interest to everyone in the conversation?

In 2014, NLP Master Practitioner student Sam Freed asked this same question and, as part of his final class project, modeled several exemplars who were able to have great conversations with people they’d just met.  His mother was one of his exemplars!

Sam presented his findings and taught his peers what he learned.  They enjoyed his material so much and found his presentation so useful that Sam and I met and designed a 1-2 hour class around the topic, which we’ve both taught several times.  Participants say that it’s helped reduce anxiety around social situations, helped them enjoy things like networking by redefining them, and helped them relax about the formerly dreaded question “what do I say next?”. Several participants have found it so useful and easy, they’ve taught friends/ colleagues the same model.

Sam observed that people who have great conversations with people they’ve just met do 5 things to move from small talk to more in-depth topics.

Each day this week, I’ll be writing about one of those elements.

If it’s of interest, check back tomorrow for the first installment, “Be curious.”

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