2 Austin Workshops with NLP Trainer Slavica Squire to Start 2016

NLP Master Trainer & Author Slavica Squire

Slavica Squire is visiting Austin!

The two classes she’s offering — one for developing Personal goals, one for improving Business skills — are the only classes in the U.S. that she’ll be teaching on her tour of the Americas this year.

Slavica is a best-selling author and the founder of the first NLP Institute in the European city of Belgrade.  After a successful executive career in Germany, she moved back to her homeland to offer NLP training to people who were working hard to rebuild and heal their country after violence, genocide, and fundamental cultural disruption.

It’s been two years since her last visit to Austin.  I’m delighted to be hosting her classes here.  She has a warm heart, a masterful way of engaging participants, and her international career is taking off quickly.

Take a look at her offerings to find out if either is relevant to you and what you’re planning in 2016.  Both classes are discounted when you register online by January 11.

Both classes will be held in far south Austin, at the new-to-me retreat center for NLP Austin, in the wild Texas hill country.

All the best,
Katie Raver at NLP Austin


Power Life Design
January 30-31, 2016

Review and reset your trajectory for 2016 and beyond.  This is Slavica’s most-attended workshop internationally – her last Belgrade class had 100+ participants.

Many participants report back that their 5 year goals are realized in much less time.  You will workshop your own personal goals/ dreams/ wishes/ obstacles through strategically-designed journaling, drawing, and self-reflective exercises.  No prerequisite.

Register online by Jan 11 for $295.

Identity Compass
February 6-7, 2016

This workshop is for business owners, hiring managers, project managers, and directors.

Through group exercises, you will explore 30+ different aspects of personality, motivation, and decision-making, that you can use to improve the way you hire, reward, and assign work to different types of employees.

Register online by Jan 11 for $295, as long as spaces are available.  Register 3 or more people for a Team Discount.

Learn more on the class page