Provocative Change Works, Level 2


Level 2 PCW Training – Skill development

This second level focusses on developing skills and precision when working with clients. Here there is more emphasis on state control and being able to work with greater fluidity.

This is some of what is included in this four day’s training

* Ability to improvise and grasp key improvisational skills in client sessions

* Eliciting and challenging client metaphors

* Identifying and challenging metaphors in client sessions

* Ability to use PCW spinning feelings to change client states

* Voice training and inflection skills to become a more powerful communicator

* Ability to identify and use language patterns to NLP Prac standard

* Ability to use suggestive predicates to direct client attention

* Ability to identify and explore metaphors in conversational language

* Advanced hypnosis awareness and usage of Ericksonian patterns

* Ability to create and record 5 minute hypnosis induction for specific client needs

* Ability to use all 27 provocative stances with ease and understand the stance implications

* Identify drivers for behaviour and recognize problem patterns in clients

* Review an existing PCW client session on video and write up commentary detailing elements of PCW approach used during this session

This level two training is all about skill development and how to use the Provocative Change Works model when working with clients. This is a very interactive training and essential if attendees want to progress to achieving formal certification in PCW. Prior knowledge of NLP and hypnosis us useful but not essential. However it’s essential to have completed a PCW level 1 training prior to attending this training. Whereas level 1 PCW is essentially an overview of PCW, level 2 is more “working under the hood” with a great deal of precision and flexibility.

A large part of the training focusses on developing improvisational skills, so students are able to work in a multi layered, rather than working in a digital, logical sequential manner. Part of the homework for level two for those wanting to progress to level three is to complete two client case studies. We will also watch footage of PCW sessions and “deconstruct” the practitioner is working with the client in detail to develop awareness of the PCW stances.


Classes limited to 24 participants!

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Tuition is $695.


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Dates & Hours

This is a 4-day class on Thursday-Sunday, September 14-17, 2017.

9:30am - 10:00am -- Arrive, register, find a comfortable place, meet other participants, settle in.

10:00am -- Class begins.

1:00pm - 2:30pm -- Lunch on your own (approximate time)

5:30pm -- Class ends.


PCW Level 1 completion required.

Location: Austin, Texas


4 Sage Court, Austin, Texas 78737