Provocative Change Works, Level 1, with Nick Kemp

Join Nick Kemp in September 2017 in Austin, Texas for his 3-day Provocative Change Works class.  This and the PCW level class are his only PCW class in the US and the Americas in 2016-7-8.  Katie Raver hosts.

PCW™ is a method of communication, which creates the possibility for dynamic change in an accelerated and conversational manner. The practitioner provokes new ideas and feelings changing the client's previous "stuck state of thinking" to create new, long lasting and measurable possibilities.

This can be applied in a therapeutic, coaching, business or personal development context.

PCW™ works as a problem solving process empowering the client to create their own conclusions for themselves, rather than offer solutions to the problem.

Provocative Change Works Part 1 is an overview of the tools available in the PCW model. You begin to explore the power and possibilities of adopting the PCW provocative stances. You learn how to get into the frame of communicating conversationally "as if talking to an old friend" while remaining in a resourceful state that will assist in client change. This level 1 training begins to explore how to use hypnosis in client sessions and techniques to change unhelpful internal dialogue providing new possibilities for the client.

This is what is included in PCW Level 1:

  • Ability to use initial provocative stances and understand stance implications
  • Awareness of core provocative exercises and ability to incorporate exercises with icon cards
  • Ability to demonstrate Voice Tempo Exercise
  • Ability to adopt an appropriately provocative as opposed to aggressive stance for client sessions
  • Ability to demonstrate Arm Relaxation exercise

  • Demo time
  • Important comical class learning prop for breaks - The Cuppy!
  • PCW discussion
  • Nick Kemp and Katie Raver enjoying the surrealistic external landscape of Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas, USA




Classes are limited to 24 students!

Register by July 1, 2017 for early bird tuition for this 3-day class: $450

After 7/1, tuition is $595


ADD the Provocative Change Works, Level 2 class, 4-days and save!  Register for BOTH classes by July 1, 2017 for $900!

After 7/1, tuition for both classes is $1100.


Dates & Hours

This is a 3-day class on Saturday-Monday, September 9-11, 2017.

9:30am - 10:00am -- Arrive, register, find a comfortable place, meet other participants, settle in.

10:00am -- Class begins.

1:00pm - 2:30pm -- Lunch on your own (approximate time)

5:30pm -- Class ends.


No prerequisite.  If you have not completed an NLP Practitioner Certification Training, contact Katie Raver prior to registering.

Location: Austin, Texas


4 Sage Court, Austin, Texas 78737