Design Your Powerful Life


Would you like to have more energy, focus and self-confidence? Would you like to live your dreams and have achievable goals for the future? Have you ever wondered: “Who is directing my life?” What would happen if you had access to all the resources that would help you transform your life and live the life you’re dreaming of?

How many of us have postponed our life because of our spouse (ex or present), parents, children, job or someone else who needs us? How many of us live the same mundane day over and over, without any pleasure, passion or life purpose? And how many of us know it could be better?

Many of us don’t listen to our bodies and have no idea what we want from life. What’s more, we’re not in touch with the potential to achieve positive changes and desirable outcomes in our personal and private lives.

With this class you’ll discover who you are, what inspires and motivates you, and you’ll get the tools and knowledge that will enable you to choose what you want from life to start living your dreams. This method is based on NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, a methodology that has helped thousands of people discover and use their own potential. Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready?

Power Life Design gives you insight, understanding, useful tools and strategies for achieving breathtaking results. It raises the level of your consciousness so that you start changing your thoughts and behavior, regularly utilize your inner wisdom, get the answers you need from yourself, and release emotional and physical blockades.

Master Trainer and international facilitator Katie Raver teaches this class.  

The Retreat: September 19 & 20

This class will be ran just like my in-person classes. We will meet over Zoom, from the comfort of our own homes or offices, and  will interact and learn together with ample time for breaks, discussion, and integration. This in an immersive weekend that will be highly interactive and regenerative.

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Please note: registrations are not refundable.  Should you need to cancel or schedule, your tuition is transferrable to any other NLP Austin class or service for a period of one year.


Dates & Hours

The Retreat Class is Saturday (9/19) and Sunday (9/20):

Arrive and settle in: 9:30 AM

Class in session: 10am-5:30pm Central
with an hour-and-a-half lunch on your own.



None.  Anyone may participate.