NLP Starter Series

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Your tuition covers 4 training sessions with International Trainer Katie Raver and assistants, all course materials, and an optional practice group following class.

Your NLP Starter tuition may be applied to the 7-month NLP Practitioner Certification Training should you choose to register for that course.  The NLP Starter Class is also the first two days of the NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

Please note: Should you need to cancel or reschedule, your tuition is transferrable to any other NLP Austin class with available spots or another service for a period of one year.  There is no administrative charge or penalty fee for transferring your registration.

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The Series: 4 Classes, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10am-2pm Central, September 2-12, 2020. This class is live and online on Zoom.

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What You Will Learn in the NLP Starter Class

In the NLP Starter class, you will learn and discover:

State Management
How you feel is a direct result of what you habitually think about and it is a skill that can be learned.  Learn to improve your ability to manage your own state of mind.

Experiencing the world from different points of view
Instead of simply “thinking about” how others perceive things, this NLP process allows you to step into their experience in a realistic way.  It also allows you to begin to understand how successful people do what they do, from the inside.

NLP Presuppositions
These are the foundational concepts and beliefs that have proven useful in living a happy, successful, flexible life.  Adopt them or not, they often stimulate new learnings and ideas.

Programming for the Future
Learn how to install useful behaviors for future use, so that they run automatically when you most need them.

How NLP Training Works

NLP class participants have the chance to see, hear, and try out classic NLP processes and experience them first hand.  This format allows participants to take what they learn in a single weekend and use it right away in their professional and personal lives.


Built-in breaks help digest the learning

Early NLP developers and trainers adopted this format because of its effectiveness in helping people quickly and completely learn new processes and skills.  It’s still effective!

Each part of the class goes like this:

  1. Hear a precisely-crafted story that engages you and is designed to speed your learning and deepen your experience of the topic at hand.
  2. Listen to a concise explanation of the reasons to learn the process/ skill, what it is, how it works, and how you might use it.
  3. See and hear a demonstration of the process or skill.
  4. Listen to and read through the steps in the exercise.
  5. Immediately do the process/skill that was just demonstrated – BOTH as a client/explorer and as a coach/guide.
  6. Hear feedback from other participants, provide any feedback you have, and ask questions as needed.

This format is used throughout the entire NLP Practitioner Certification Training.  It allows you to take each skill or process you learn and begin to use it right away in other contexts!



Quick Facts

  1. The NLP Starter is taught by Master Trainer Katie Raver and is offered in two formats:  the 2-day weekend Retreat and the 4-part series.
  2. The NLP Starter is the first module of the 7-module NLP Practitioner Certification Training and can be taken as a stand-alone class on its own.
  3. This is the place to start to begin your Neuro Linguistic Programming studies!

Date & Hours for NLP Starter: The Series

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Saturday, September 5, 2020
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Arrive and settle in: 9:30

Class in session: 10am-2pm Central

We usually take 1 or 2 breaks during our time together.  

Location: Live and Online

Now Live and Online from your home or office computer. Be prepared to experience online training in a very different way that’s relaxing, energizing, and experiential – this is the opposite of a typical webinar.  Plan to limit distractions, be in a spot that’s quiet and confidential, and focus on attending.  This is not a passive webinar where you listen in.  This is an active class where you participate the entire time and you come away with new tools and processes you can actually use.
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