NLP + Presentations Class

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6 of the 10 participant spots are STILL OPEN.
Limited to 10 participants total with up to 2 spots for online participants.


Register via secure Paypal payment
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You may also mail a check to "Katie Raver" to:

Katie Raver, NLP Austin
2407 S Congress Ave, E275
Austin, Texas 78704

Please note: registrations are not refundable.  Should you need to cancel or schedule, your tuition is transferrable to any other NLP Austin class or service for a period of one year.



Your Guide for This Class, Katie Raver



Class Topics Include:

  1. The “4-Mat” for prepping the 4 types of learners to get ready to learn.

  2. Use the structure of what you want to teach in a story about something completely different.  Teaching to the unconscious speeds learning greatly.

  3. Learn to use the classic NLP teaching format (story, story, demo, doing, feedback, story) to teach new skills or techniques (whether they’re NLP-related or not) that you want students to be able to do immediately.

  4. Use stage/screen position and your language to artfully cue participants to visit different learning frames at different points in a class or talk (questions, listening, demonstration, noticing detail, finding what’s wrong, brainstorming, improvising, empathizing, etc)

  5. Handling questions, planning to rebound when you get off track, ethics and ecology

  6. Use submodalities to improve your visual aids, handouts, slides, and flipcharts.  We'll also briefly touch on flipcharting skills if there's interest in class participants.
  7. You’ll design and give a brief presentation of your own using all these concepts.  Your presentation can be on any skill, technique, process, or strategy you want to teach others (doesn’t have to be NLP).  You’ll also have the opportunity to attend at least 2 other student presentations and provide feedback to them.

What This Class Does Not Cover

This class does not cover technical speaker proficiency (see Toastmasters clubs in your area), speech writing, or severe stage fright relief (see an NLP coach for help with that).

Dates & Hours

8 evening classes starting November 7, 7-8:30pm.


5 Mondays: November 7, 14, 21, 28, December 5

PLUS at least one "give your presentation" class (or attend all 3 for maximum learning): December 6, 7, 8.

AND reserve December 12 as a date for makeups.


1) You must be a certified NLP Practitioner or Practitioner in training to attend, or have proficient familiarity with anchors, submodalities, and classic NLP metaphors.  Contact Katie for questions about this prerequisite.

2) You must have a topic in mind or be actively teaching/ presenting in your profession.

Location: South Austin Near Barton Springs/ 1st


Private residence with plenty of parking nearby.