NLP + Presentations Class

Class Highlights

  • Apply the concepts and techniques of NLP to crafting and delivering your own 1-hour presentation on any topic, system, or process
  •  4 days (2 weekends) in January 2019
  • Facilitated by Katie Raver, NLP Master Trainer
  • Class limited to 10 participants to maximize personal feedback and give plenty of class time to completing all the steps of crafting a presentation



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The NLP+Presentations Class – 2 weekends with Katie Raver for NLP Grads

What if you could use everything you learned in NLP class in your presentations?

What if your listeners, team members, or class participants understood what you were trying to teach that they could easily take who you communicate and use it or do it right away?

NLP trainers know these skills and you can learn them too.

Class Topics Include:

  1. Prepare each of the 4 types of learners to get ready to learn... so they can focus on absorbing your fascinating content instead of their own objections

  2. Learn to use the classic NLP teaching format (story, story, demo, doing, feedback, story) to teach new skills or techniques (whether they’re NLP-related or not) that you want students to be able to do immediately.

  3. Artfully and unconsciously cue participants to visit different learning frames at different points in a class or meeting (questions, listening, demonstration, noticing detail, finding what’s wrong, brainstorming, improvising, empathizing, etc)
  4. Handling questions, planning to rebound when you get off track, ethics and ecology

  5. Use the structure of your teaching points to craft a story that pre-teaches to your listeners' subconscious, so they can understand your points faster.
  6. You’ll design and give a complete  presentation of your own using all these concepts.  Your presentation can be on any skill, technique, process, or strategy you want to teach others (doesn’t have to be NLP).  You’ll also have the opportunity to attend at least 2 other student presentations and provide feedback to them.

What This Class Does Not Cover

This class does not cover technical speaker proficiency (see Toastmasters clubs in your area), speech writing, or severe stage fright relief (see an NLP coach for help with that).

Dates & Hours


2 weekends:  January 5-6, 2019 and January 19-20, 2019


10am sharp to 5:30pm

Special note:  attendees must be able to attend all four days, arrive before start time, and stay for the full class days in order to come to this training.  We move quickly and there are not makeups for this short, information- and experience-packed class!


1) You must be a certified NLP Practitioner or Practitioner in training to attend, or have proficient familiarity with anchors, submodalities, and classic NLP storytelling metaphors.  Contact Katie for questions about this prerequisite.

2) You must have a topic in mind or be actively teaching/ presenting in your profession.


4 Sage Court, Austin, Tx 78737.