NLP Practitioner Certification Training: Dates & Tuition

Quick Summary
  • 5 modules, 20 segments, live and online
  • Includes PDF class materials, recordings, group Q&A with Katie, practice groups
  • Register to reserve your spot.
  • Info about class topics and skills: NLP Practitioner Certification Training

2022 Practitioner Training Dates Pathway

Module 1:  NLP Essentials Class  START HERE
Module 2:  Design Your Powerful Life – starts April 22/25
Module 3:  Rapport & Reading Others – planned start July 8/11
Module 4:  Language Patterns of Influence -planned start July 19/22
Module 5:  Thought Qualities: our internal control panel – planned start Oct 21/24

Class Hours
Each module has 4 two-hour segments, taught on Fridays and Mondays, with extra Practice Sessions and Q&A time with Katie.  Check out the NLP Essentials Class to see times and dates.


Register for all 5 modules:  $1200 

* Tuition includes 5 modules of training, all course materials, practice groups, a monthly Q&A group session with Katie, and recordings.  

 * You must have attended module 1 or 2 or another training with Katie Raver to join the whole 5-module class.  Payments for modules 1 and 2 apply to your total tuition for this training.

 * Interest free payment plans available.


Just contact Katie at or text 512.699.7322 with your questions or for more information.