My Lucky Experiment with Zoom

I had a lucky experience with moving NLP classes to Zoom.

The very first weekend that all in-person events were cancelled in Austin, something really great happened to me.

By chance, I was meeting with a group of advanced students for class that weekend.  They each had at least several 100 hours of NLP training, some many more.

And this class had already been meeting in person for 6 months.

Out of necessity, we moved our class time to Zoom and….

it worked delightfully well!

Although we had a bumpy start, we began modeling what creates powerful virtual rapport right away.

We came up with some useful things, and I’ve pushed myself to continue learning and developing those learnings, so I could improve my ability to bring classes to you via live online trainings.

Inspired by that first class, over the last month, I have:

  • Taught approximately 200 people in live online classes (where we can all see and hear each other!) how to use Zoom.  
  • Launched a daily live, online class called Attention Experiments, with a new presenter and topic each week day through May 1.
  • Planned 3 live online classes for May for you to choose from: 2 classes for everyone and 1 class for NLP Practitioners and beyond.
  • Learned so much about how to make live online class interactions warm, non-boring, and engaging so that participants are energized and report the same kinds of learnings as they do in person.

Thank you so much for sharing with me your struggles, your gratitudes, your challenges, your great learnings, and your victories this past month. 

You’re inspiring me to grow and change, too.