NLP Master Practitioner Certification


  • Some say that the NLP Practitioner Training is about entering the “trance of NLP”, and the Master track is about waking up from that trance.  
  • 7 weekends over 7 months.
  • Prerequisite: completion of approved NLP Practitioner Training, including confidence with using the Well Formed Outcome Frame.
  • Trainers: Katie Raver with special guests

Class Dates 

  • Module 1: November 13-14, 2021
  • Module 2: December 11-12, 2021
  • Module 3: January 15-16, 2022
  • Module 4: February 26-27, 2022
  • Module 5: March 26-27, 2022
  • Module 6: April 23-24, 2022
  • Module 7: May 2022
Note: because some dates are so far in advance, they are subject to change slightly if needed.  
As usual, classes are Saturdays-Sundays, 10am-5:30pm central, with a 1.5 hour lunch around 1pm.

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Regular Tuition: $2155. 

Interest free payment plans available.

Early bird registration:  register with one of the choices below by October 24, 2021 and your total tuition is reduced to $1955.

       1) $300 deposit and written payment plan
       2) Pay in full

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Should you need to cancel or reschedule, your tuition is transferable to any other Katie Raver class with available spots or another service for a period of one year.  There is no administrative charge or penalty fee for transferring your registration.

Class Topics


Seasoned NLP master modeler Mike Bown helps take us through the basics of modeling abilities of excellence.  

How can you work with exemplars you’d like to emulate in order to discover their behaviors, beliefs, and worldview that creates their success?  How can you improve your ability to model clients’ and customers’ current state so you can make relevant, informed recommendations?  How can you discover the essential greatness of anyone?  

You’ll learn to model an ability using the short form experiential array and get practice in class.  Then, you’ll choose an outside topic and exemplar and share your findings with class.  Modeling is how new NLP processes and skills are created.


Deepening your Clean Language Skills

Nimbly use these questions and the accompanying approach to allow you to model any internal map, while reducing your own distortions, deletions, or generalizations.


Expanding Your Use of NLP Techniques and Patterns
Some say that the NLP Practitioner Training is about entering the “trance of NLP”, and the Master track is about waking up.  We’ll look at common practitioner techniques and skills through the lens of modeling, including: 

  • perceptual positions
  • representation system words
  • thought qualities
  • resources and barriers
  • neurologic levels, including beliefs and identity

New Skills and Techniques
The list includes advanced anchoring, key meta program filters, timelines, and the 12 States of Attention.


Metaphoric Storytelling
One of the most effective teaching methods is engaging stories that also teach to the unconscious mind. Learn how to structure stories so that your audience, team, clients, or customers unconsciously understand what you want to convey.  This is one of the most powerful tools of NLP trainers and advanced coaches.


Your Trainers 

NLP Master Trainer and founder of Attention Experiments Katie Raver is your lead trainer. Mike Bown and others facilitate occasionally on various topics.