Learning Circles

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Restorative Mind for Busy People
with Katie Raver
(Friday afternoons)

2pm Central
5 sessions starting April 2
limited to 8 participants

Be guided through a process each week for restoring your mind, emotions, and sense of self, all from the inside out. Facilitated by international trainer and founder of NLP Austin and attention experiments, Katie Raver.

April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

No prerequisite.

By sliding scale $50-$150 for all 5 sessions.



The Origins of Learning Circles

Starlings collect themselves in massive groups called “murmurings.”  If you’ve ever witnessed these mega flocks, you know it’s quite a sight to see so many birds peppering the sky, moving as one.

How do they fly in a group of thousands of other starlings, all seemingly confident in the direction of the flock and never colliding into each other?

Starlings pay attention to the 7 individuals directly adjacent to them.

They attend to those closest to them, able to react quickly and with little effort when their tight, hyper-local formation changes direction.

I’ve observed that many people, at least for now, are drawing our circles closer in.  We have fewer trivial acquaintances that we regularly stay in contact with, and it’s an opportunity for deeper connections for those we choose to circle up with.

I’m also hearing from many of you, that you would like some ongoing classes and guided experiences that are an hour or two long every week, and fewer of the weekend-long, monthly events that last 7 months or a year.

Learning Circles are groups of 4-8 participants that meet every week or two.  Members sign up for a series to explore a particular topic or interest with their small group.  I tested a few Learning Circles in June and July and received a lot of positive feedback.  Participants also said that they really loved paying by donation so that they’re confident they can contribute something but aren’t locked into an expensive program if job changes come along.

Each Learning Circle:

  • has 4-8 participants
  • lasts about a month
  • meets every week or two 
  • is about a particular topic or interest
  • some members may already know each other; others may not
  • is facilitated/ taught by Katie Raver or another graduated master practitioner
  • is live and online, held on Zoom
  • is by donation

Don’t see a topic you really want to explore or learn more about in a Learning Circle?  Don’t see a time slot that works for you?  Write to Katie and let her know your idea and a few times that work for you.

Here’s to your happiness, success, well-being, and contentment,
Katie Raver

Past Learning Circles


Finding Peace in Everyday Activities, with Jesse Raver: Join Jesse Raver, NLP Master Practitioner, for a 3-session series on making everyday, “mundane” activities filled with peace, calm, and compassion.

self regulation

Self Regulation Practices, with Rosa Harper:  Enjoy learning a new practice each week with Rosa Harper, NLP master practitioner and coach, to help you notice and shift when to come back to a centered mind, body, and heart.  


Gratitude Practices, with Jaime Nichols:  Go beyond simple noticing into experiences of profound gratitude and appreciation. Limited to 8 participants max. Facilitated by Jaime Nichols.


Restorative Mind for Busy People: Be guided through a process each week for restoring your mind, emotions, and sense of self. By donation. 8 participants max. Facilitated by Katie Raver.

The Business of Coaching Round Table: Bring your coaching business questions, hills, mountains, and valleys and get advice, tips, and time for reflection. By donation. 8 participants max. Facilitated by Katie Raver.

Antiracism Book Study: I’m Still Here: Explore this NYT Bestseller by Austin Channing Brown. Organized by Katie Raver, facilitated by DeLisa Harris. By donation. 8 participants max.

Antiracism Book Study: How to Be An Anti-Racist: Explore this NYT Bestseller by Ibram X. Kendi. Organized by Katie Raver, facilitated by DeLisa Harris. By donation. 8 participants max.