Corporate Class Offerings

Strategies of Genius: Disney’s Creativity Process

You already dream up, plan, execute, and refine many of your ideas and projects. What if…

*you could complete your projects even more quickly
*you could improve your ability to come up with creative solutions on the spot
*you could problem solve without dampening your creative spirit with irrelevant criticism
*you could stay focused and not get lost in the mire of too many options
*you could plan and execute even faster, with more team cooperation

This class will teach your team the Disney Strategy of Genius, innovated by Robert Dilts in a book of the same name. To foster the wildly creative and innovative results of an animated movie or the world’s first large scale amusement parks, Disney used very specific thinking strategies with himself and with his team. You’ll learn these strategies, see a demonstration of how to use them, and have the chance to try them on for yourself in small break out groups.

You can use Disney’s strategy for yourself if you are a solo practitioner or work on projects yourself. You can also learn this strategy for use with your team, employees, or colleagues.

Clients and class participants who learn and use this process report back:

*More productive, collaborative team meetings. Team members understand the importance of each role and when to use which role.
*Less inner warfare between the creatives and the problem finders
*More appreciation of the appropriate thinking strategy to use when

Revisit your mission and vision: Design Your Powerful Business

What if you really started making progress on your goal, dream, wish, or obstacle?  What if your future plan naturally inspired you and your team toward action?

This is a 2 Day workshop based on NLP Institut’s Slavica Squire’s class Power Life Design, which she teaches in Austin occasionally.  This is Katie’s version of this popular, pragmatic, effective method for using your company’s mission and success to program its future goals for success.

You will work with specific goals/ dreams/ wishes/ obstacles of your own.   You *do not* have to have a well-formed goal to come to this class – that’s what the class is for!

How to deal with criticism in the workplace

Did you know that some people can hear criticism – even unearned or overly judgmental criticism – and extract the useful information from it before letting it go, without feeling diminished?

In this evening workshop, attendees will see a demonstration of and have the opportunity to practice this simple method for transforming any criticism into their own constructive information, without giving up what’s most important to them.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to use this new strategy with your co-workers, employees, supervisors, friends, family, and anyone else who might purposefully or inadvertently offer up criticism. This strategy works on criticism of you, your behaviors, your friends/ family/ colleagues, your art or writing, and just about anything that can be criticized.

The Reset Process: Quickly Recover from Stressful Customer Interactions

Customer service representatives who thrive at their job have mastered the process of reseting. From time to time,  there will be clients who are just frustrating. Even the best representative can experience overwhelm if they do not have a powerful strategy to come back to a place of centeredness after a stress provoking call.

In this class, attendees will experience an easy process to naturally reset after a phone call, so they can continue offering quality customer service to future customers and leave the stressful emotions from the previous call in the past.

Learn to communicate with your boss or employees their way

Great communicators have at least one thing in common: they have specialized listening skills that allow them to hear and discern more than average communicators.

Come learn and practice 3 patterns for increasing your ability to listen *and discern* what other people are saying. These patterns are about the types of words other people use and the way people speak words – it’s surprisingly simple and even the most skilled communicators can use more practice!

You will actually see a demonstration of how to use each pattern and then use it yourself during this class.

Presentations: How to Begin a Presentation so Everyone is Engaged

There are 4 types of learners. When a presentation is made taking these learning style into account, sales calls, presentations, and trainings will have higher engagement and your message is more likely to be favorably received.

In this workshop, you will learn the “4-Mat” for preparing a presentation and practice delivering presentation introductions with these concepts in mind.

Story and Presentations: How to Write Stories that Preteach your Learning Objectives

Learn to use the classic NLP teaching format (story, story, demo, doing, feedback, story) to teach new skills or techniques that you want students to be able to do immediately.

Use the structure of what you want to teach in a story about something completely different.

Teaching to the unconscious speeds learning greatly.


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