All classes are live online classes hosted on Zoom. We can all see and hear each other. Be prepared to participate and learn tools you can use with yourself and others right away.  Your facilitator for all classes is Katie Raver.

All Upcoming Classes:

Saturday, June 13, 2020:

​3 Attention Experiments for Coping with Stress & Change with Katie Raver. 

12pm-1pm Central

There’s a lot to deal with right now. What can you do with your attention to build your resilience, nimbly integrate new learnings and information, preserve your personal energy, and even thrive in a quickly changing world?
We will learn about and practice 3 approaches for coping and thriving. Come prepared to meet other life-long learners, laugh, hear a good story, and practice shifting your attention around. This class is part of Attention Experiments and is only $5!

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Attention Experiments:

June 8-14, 2020  everyday* at 12pm-1pm Central time (*no class on Thursday June 11); Just $5 per class! Follow the link to learn more.

June 17 – Attention Experiment –

Capitol Metro Administration (private)

Wednesday June 24: Eremos Summer Interlude with Katie Raver

Topic: Reducing Screen Time Fatigue & Strengthening Your Sacred Awareness. Register HERE.

Class fee: $5

11am – 12pm Central

NLP Starter Weekend

Saturday-Sunday, July 11-12
Saturday-Sunday, August 1-2
from 10am-5:30 (Central Time)
In this immersive weekend, you will learn key concepts that underpin the work of NLP,  discover how to improve your ability to manage your own state of mind, how to “step into” the world from different points of view, and how to install useful behaviors for future use, so that they run automatically when you most need them. This is the first module of the NLP Practitioner Training.

NLP Practitioner Training 

June-December 2020
Become a certified NLP Practitioner! Learn classical NLP anchoring, working with obstacles and outcome frames, rapport skills, working with language patterns, overcoming limiting beliefs, and much more. This training will help you to improve your communication skills, make progress on your own goals, and will give you tools to help others.