Change Happens.

Spring in Texas reminds me that change happens naturally all the time.

The weather patterns change with the seasons.

The animals living all around build and modify their habitat.

The trees turn green and the flowers begin to bloom.

And I change too.

In the wetlands behind our home, a pair of Whistling Ducks has nested with their babies.  They’re a completely unique looking bird!

In flight, they make a call like a goose. When they’re in their nest, they make a “whistling” call, completely different from anything I’ve ever heard.

And they remind me that the cycles of nature bring about change all the time, without effort or thought.

Sometimes, I need to accept changes and make the best of things.

Sometimes, I need to start by just allowing myself to feel good and let go of stress.

And sometimes other things are needed, aren’t they?!

If you’re feeling the need for some ways to use your attention to help yourself face changes outside of your control, here are two questions you can try out to find out if they’re helpful for you.

Tip:  to maximize the usefulness of these two questions, choose a situation in your life that you’d like to feel differently about, so you can take action or move on.  Think about that specific situation and try out these two very different approaches:

How is this perfect?

This question, from NLP trainer (and so much more) Bobbi Best, takes my attention to curiosity and acceptance.  Surprisingly, it often takes me to a place of gratitude.  Try it out!  Where does it lead your attention when you think about the situation you chose?

What places bring you solace, comfort, stability, and build your resilience?

Not every moment is suited to profound acceptance or understanding.

Sometimes, I need to use my attention to find a place within myself that feels good or safe – that’s it. 

I don’t need to change anything. 

I don’t need to have a big insight or deal with a big complicated internal issue. 

I just need to feel better.

Choose a real-world place to “go to” in your imagination and notice what you see, hear, and feel when you imagine going there.  Now take the situation you thought of earlier into that place in your imagination, and notice how you feel now.

I hope you’re finding some comfort and gratitude these days. 

If you’d like, write back about how these questions are useful or what happened when you tried out the questions on your situation.

Here’s to the changing of the seasons,