What is NLP?

NLP stands for “neuro linguistic programming.” NLP is a collection of tools and techniques that allow you to change your behaviors and experience more emotional flexibility by shifting your mental attention to what’s most effective in a given moment. It’s also a mindset or an approach to life, problem solving, relationships, happiness, productivity, and contentment. Some people Read More

Wrap Up

A final note about the Mini Date experiment: I found it useful to occasionally break my own rules and learn what happens. After all, these are organic people, not robots! I took time to have a little fun with it, ok?! For me, too much seriousness takes the joy out of life. I don’t think Read More

What is a Mini Date?

What is a Mini Date? It turns out that going on a whole bunch of short dates quickly taught me about myself, how to read other people online and in person, and a whole bunch of useful relationship skills that, because I hadn’t dated in a while, turned out to be really useful. A Mini Date is a Read More