Awareness Camp

Peace is the result of retraining you mind to process life as it is,
rather than as you think it should be.

~Wayne Dyer


Enjoy the beauty of Austin’s natural and urban-scapes with simple, new awareness exercises that you can
use any time to enjoy the moment more or shift your attention to what’s most useful.

5 easy, enjoyable half days during Spring Break.

Your guide is global traveler and inner trekker Katie Raver, sharing exercises for awareness and attention
gathered from the graffiti alleys of Brazil to the Austrian Alps,
from the Manhattan subway to the flowing waters of the Colorado.

Depart from the map and enter the territory itself. Imagine yourself in a place of wondrous beauty,
and seeing, hearing, and feeling even more than you usually do. 


We will explore the natural and urban scapes of Austin using the “12 States of Attention” as our guide.  The 12 states, originally developed by Nelson Zink, are useful additions to your existing practices and areas of self awareness.  They are the building blocks of emotional states.  You can use the 12 states to shift your attention elsewhere without losing the positive intention of your current state.  They are also a key to understanding and communicating with others, even if they are quite different from you.



Explorations include:

  • The Art of Seeing
  • Symphonic Listening
  • The 3 types of Feeling: touch, visceral, proprioceptive
  • Moving through the 12 states quickly and gracefully
  • Enjoying beauty outdoor and using this enjoyment in service to yourself an to others
  • The 6 Smiles exercise

Using these states also allows you to arrive in the present moment and attend to what is actually happening there.  You can use the 12 states anywhere you are, when you’re doing anything, to get higher quality information and, when appropriate, enjoy the present moment even more.




When:  March 15 – 19, 2015

At the end of class each day, you will receive location/ timing information for the following day, based on weather and other local conditions.  We will meet in a different part of town each day and make a one-hour trip outside of town one day during the week.  You will need a car to travel to and from the places we visit.

Sunday, March 15: 4-7pm
Monday, March 16: 10am-1pm
Tuesday, March 17: 10am-1pm
Wednesday, March 18: 10am-1pm
Thursday, March 19: 4-7pm

You will need comfortable, mud-friendly footwear, outdoor appropriate clothes, and a bottle of water.



By February 21, 2015: $395


By March 10, 2015: $545


  • Sunset