About Katie Draft

Katie Raver is a trainer, consultant, and  lifelong learner who fills her practice and personal life with love and compassion.

From her early years, Katie was aware of NLP and the self-development movement as her mother brought Katie along to NLP events taught by the leading educators in the field at the time, who included John Grinder, Robert Dilts, and Tom Best.

It wasn’t until her mid-20s that Katie formally took the NLP Practitioner Training taught by Tom Best and noticed the fast and lasting effects that NLP processes had on her own life.

Katie was excited to learn more and encouraged anyone who came to her with issues to attend Tom’s NLP Practitioner Trainings and witnessed as these people also had profound shifts in their previously “stuck” life situations.

Inspired, Katie began assisting in Tom’s trainings. She assisted in NLP trainings for over 10 years until her mentor Tom passed away.

In celebration of Tom’s loving and compassionate approach to training and life, Katie began to teach her own NLP classes. Her current NLP training center–NLP Austin–is set in the beautiful and peaceful hill country just south of Austin where the openness and calmness of the surrounding area can inspire her students to learn and grow.

Since it’s beginning over a decade ago, NLP Austin has blossomed into a true community, connecting likeminded people and sponsoring other self-development experts whose training can transform and inspire others.

Katie has taught all over the world to people of diverse backgrounds and experience, including in Serbia, Switzerland, Brazil, California, and all over Texas.

When Katie is not training or consulting private clients and businesses, she can be found enjoying a walk in nature, spending time with loved ones, and taking in the sunset as she watches the deer graze in the open field by her house.

Called “instigator of love” and “community builder” by her friends and colleagues, she brings a unique, warm-hearted, masterful approach to help clients clear the way for their future and let go of what’s holding them back.

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