6 Sessions to Transform Anxiety

Anxiety plagues modern society, and most people experience some form of anxiety regularly.

With the advent of wondrous cell phones, more statistics and advertising and information than ever, it becomes apparent that technology is connecting us, at times, to more stress, agitation, fear, and anxiety.

Technology and the world we inhabit aren’t going away.  How can we learn to live happy, content, joyful lives and still enjoy the benefits of this global network of entertainment and information?  How can we use the way our brains and bodies work to enjoy life more, instead of allowing our attention to be dragged around by advertising, other people’s goals, and modern life?

I’ve been working with NLP students and clients for more than a dozen years now, and I’ve developed these 6 sessions to give you every lesson and experience I know about transforming anxiety at all levels.  If anxiety is a regular concern for you, I hope you will join me in the movement to  permanently shift the habitual cycle of anxiety and contraction to one of happiness and satisfaction and expansion.

Session 1: One-on-one – Assessing Where You Are Now PLUS 1 Simple Method to Beat Anxiety Now

The easiest place to start any project is where you are, so you can get where you want to be even more quickly.

Session 2: Two (or more!) Things to Do Instead of Anxiety

Anxiety is an activity, so learning what to do in place of anxiety is crucial.  It also prevents downward spirals, which happen when we have anxious thoughts about anxiety, which causes more anxiousness, which then creates more anxious thoughts, etc.

Session 3: The Control Panel for Anxiety

Anxiety happens within you.  How can you adjust your internal world to make it easier to enjoy life?

Session 4:  Use the Way Your Body Works Naturally

Did you know that some communities of humans have *no* anxiety, and are even confused by descriptions of anxiety?  The human body can very naturally do *not* anxiety, but living in modern culture has left us out of touch with our natural proclivities.  Learn and practice the physiological states associated with *not* anxiety.  With a small amount of understanding and some practice with it, begin to experience some profoundly different states of being.

Session 5: The Positive Intention of Anxiety, and How to Keep Letting Anxiety Go

What if even negative, destructive emotions have a positive intention for you?  Uncover this intention for yourself and discover other ways to meet the positive intention of your anxiety.

Session 6: Make it a Habit

Transforming anxiety sometimes takes practice and revisiting the things that work best for you, staying flexible and curious.  Learn how to program this into yourself so it happens automatically.  You may catch yourself accidentally not having anxiety.

Session Details:

  • 1 to 1.5 hours each
  • Sessions are online using Zoom, – you click on a link to begin the session.  These classes are live – you will participate and be able to see and hear Katie, just like a live class.
  • Session materials included
  • Dates:  1 one-on-one session with Katie PLUS 5 Monday evenings:  Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 26, Dec 3.
  • All sessions are 6-7:30pm Central
  • All sessions are with Katie Raver.

Two ways to sign up for the 6 Sessions to Transform Anxiety:

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1) $300 via Paypal:

Pay with any major credit or debit card


2) $300 via Venmo:

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Have a question?  Contact Katie at Katie@KatieRaver.com or via text at 512.699.7322 to get your questions answered or to set up a time for a brief, free phone consultation.