NLP: The Essentials

Whether you are new to personal and professional development, have read a few books or listened to podcasts, or have some experience with it – this online training is designed to give you a fresh experience of the essential tools of NLP, so you can use it on your own, right away. 

Take this course to learn and experience how to use the practices and processes of NLP.

For over 14 years, I’ve taught thousands of life-long learners who want to improve their personal lives, their relationships, their inner world, and their work.  This is the course I recommend that all my clients and prospective students take.  I recommend it to you as well, if you’d like to learn about and experience the NLP processes and concepts that I teach.

You can use everything you learn in this class right away, without further classes or years of practice.

So much to think about as we consider what we want in life….

  • How can I have peace in my relationships?
  • How can I pursue my dreams while still enjoying my life?
  • What’s meaningful and inspiring to me?
  • How can I really help others?
  • How can I stay resilient when going through big life transitions?
  • How can I communicate more clearly, so others receive the message I intend to send?
  • How do I return to a positive state of being, even when the world around me is chaotic?

You have personal mastery and flexibility when…

  1. You can quickly understand and assess others’ viewpoints (different from stepping into someone else’s shoes as if you were still you).
  2. You can choose what state of being will help you the most in a given situation.  Doing taxes, having a difficult conversation, dancing, and laying on the beach as you feel the sun on your face all require very different states of being.
  3. You can identify and honor the positive purpose of difficult emotions, so you can learn from past experiences and grow at your own pace, while keeping healthy boundaries.
  4. Review “mistakes” without shame or guilt so that you can integrate learnings quickly and avoid making the same mistake over and over.
  5. Access the most flexible, powerful, joyful version of yourself when you need it most.

If this is the kind of person you’d like to develop yourself into, then join this training to:

  • Learn the basic concepts of NLP in an engaging, story-filled format
  • Discover and practice how to fully step into another person’s perspective and worldview (no matter how different or difficult they seem)
  • Learn and practice a simple procedure for reviewing past experiences and integrating learnings from them, so you don’t have to keep repeating mistakes
  • Connect with a small group of other life-long learners who are working to improve their own lives and work
  • Learn and practice a process for accessing any positive emotional state when you need it

For each NLP process in this training, you will:

  1. Listen to an engaging story
  2. Observe a demo of the process, live, with Katie Raver guiding a participant
  3. Receive written instructions for the process
  4. Guide someone else through the process
  5. Experience the process as a client
  6. Review the process and have a chance to ask questions

This 6-part training design helps you quickly learn new behaviors so that you can use each process with yourself and in service to others, outside class, immediately after class.

Essentials (2)

    What you Recieve:

    • 8 Hours of Live Online Classes so you can watch, listen, and learn to use NLP 
    • Recordings of each class, in case you need to miss a class
    • 42-Page Resource Guide with step-by-step directions for each process covered in class, room for your personal “field notes” for capturing what you learn as you go so you can reference them later, additional educational resources, and class information.
    • Private Course Directory to connect with fellow participants for mutual support and growth.
    • 2 Practice Group sessions, led by certified assistants, so you can practice processes from class even more.  
    • By the end of the course, you will have experience using NLP as an observer, guide, and client, and have your own experience-based ideas about how you might want to use NLP in the future on your own.

    You also receive Bonus Group Q&A Calls with Katie Raver – for 2 months after purchase – where you can attend and ask your questions.

    For context: hiring a skilled coach to teach and mentor you on this topic would cost more than $1000.

    This program is akin to ten weekly meetings with a skilled coach, along with a dedicated community of fellow learners to connect and practice with.

    Everything Included for just $300


    When are the Live Online Sessions?

    The same 4 segments are offered at two different times: Fridays and Mondays.

    You can:

    • attend all 4 Friday segments, or
    • attend all 4 Monday segments, or
    • mix-and-match Fridays and Mondays, as your schedule allows
    • attend all 4 Fridays and 4 Mondays, if you like repetition
    • Plus: there are recordings of each segment, just in case you need to miss (and it’s more fun if you attend live)

    Each segment includes a story, a demonstration of a process, breakouts so you can practice that process as a guide and a client, and time for feedback and Q&A.


    11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK

    Segment 1: Feb 18 Segment 2: Feb 25 Segment 3: March 4 Segment 4: March11


    3pm Pacific / 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 11pm UK Segment 1: Feb 21
    Segment 2: Feb 28
    Segment 3: March 7 Segment 4: March14

    Recordings are sent every week so you’ll have a rich library of video lessons that you can keep reviewing for years to come.


    Enroll via credit/ debit card by clicking here.